Thursday, 11 December 2014

SA Junior State Championships 2014 Dec 6th

Junior State Championships.

There was not enough girls to play 4s so  mixed triples where played.
Mixed Pairs ,
Winners,Kody Dodds Watson, Riona Clifford, Zaine Skelton.
Finalists, Will Wilson, Kaitlin Jansen, Brayden ?

Mixed Pairs
Winners, Chase Bottrell \ Riona Clifford,
Finalists, Jackson Sargood \ Caitian Avis,

Graded Pairs,
Winners, Zaine Skelton \ Jordon Pena - Hague,
Finalists, Hamish Carter \ Randell Skelton,

 Winner Jackson Sargood,
Finalist, Chase Bottrell,

Winner Caitlain Avis,
Finalist Kaitlin Jansen,

Encouagement Awards went to Grace Avis, Fiona Gottwald, Daniel Wooster,

Chase           3           
Will              3
Jackson        2
Zaine           1

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Kadina Dart Club Open Ranked Tournament.

Ladies Singles,
Debbie Machin,
Bek Heidke,

Mens Singles,
Peter Machin,
Danny Porter,

Open Pairs.
Dave Wileman \ Andy Pinder.
Damien Chalmers \ Beau Evans,

Junior State Teams for 2015 in Brisbane in January.

The junior State Teams to represent SA in Brisbane  from 8th January to 14th January 2015.

Girls team.
Riona Clifford, NDDA,
Caitlain Avis,   KDC,
Fiona Gottwald, NDDA,
Kaitlin Jansen,   NDDA,

Boy's Team.
Will Wilson,             NDDA,
Chase Bottrell,          BHDA,
Jackson Sargood,       KDC,
Kody Dodds Watson, SADA,

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Divisional Championships 2014

Div 2 Men
 4s Winners,Will Wilson, Aaron Kocjancic, Mick Coombs,Jason Sharp Ndda 1
Finalists, Keiron Brown, Russell Vast, John Finnie, Keith Carter. Ndda 2.
Winners, Jason Sharp, Mick Coombs,Ndda,
Finalists Brad Vine, Keith Carter.Ndda
Will Wilson, Ndda.  Finalist Aaron Kocjancic, Ndda.
Div 3 Men,
4s Winners, Jarrett Nunan, Kody Gade, Dave Higgs, Dave Howe Ndda 4
Finalists, BJ Skelton, Zaine Skelton, Greg Skelton, Ndda 3
Winners, Jarrett Nunan, Kody Gade, Ndda
Finalists, BJ Skelton, Zaine Skelton Ndda,
Singles Jarrett, Ndda, Finalist, Chris Warner, Ndda,

Div 2 Ladies,
4s Winners, Lisa Wheatley, Sue Hardman, Heather Boehm, Pat Taylor, Slda
Finalists,Beryl Soar, Edna Gerlach, Maz Brown, Tracey Bennett, Ndda,
Winners, Bee Thompson, Tiarah Coombs, Ndda
Finalists, Deb Martin, Lisa Wooster, Ldasa,
Deb Martin, Ldasa, Finalist LisaWooster, Ldasa.
Div3 Ladies,
4s Winners, Denny Godefroy, Donna Saler, Jenine Myers, Norma Lane, Slda,
Pairs Winners, Donna saler, Norma Lane, Slda,
Finalists, Jessica Leecroft, Tania Smith Ndda,
Winner, Tiara Coombs, Ndda, Finalist, Tania Smith Ndda.

180s thrown over the weekend, Will Wilson x3. Mick Coombs, Lisa Wooster, Tiarah Coombs, Tania Smith, all threw one each, Well done to all the players that took part in the championships.