Sunday, 20 October 2013

DartsSA 2014 Junior state Teams

Caitlain Avis.
Teagan Gade.
Alkira Peaty.
Riona Clifford.
Mavis Nicholson, Captain.

Jackson Sargood.
Kody Dodds Watson.
Chase Bottrell.
Will Wilson.
Mark Edwards, Captain.

These Juniors will Travel to Perth in January 2014 to Represent SA in the National Junior Championships,

Thursday, 17 October 2013


Mixed Pairs.
Winners      Debbie Machin and Peter Machin  def Bek Heidke and Jackson Sargood,
Semi’s         Debbie and Peter def  Debbie Martin and Mark Carter,
                   Bek and Jackson  def   Trisha Roach and Craig Atze,
Qtr Final     Debbie and Peter def   Asha Gurd and Laurie Loch,
                   Debbie and Mark  def  Margaret King and Mick Jackson,
                   Trisha and Craig  def   Moira Hamilton and Damien Chalmers,
Ladies Singles
Winner    Bek Heidke 18.85  def Angela C – Griffin 17 10   5 - 3.
Semi        Angela  14 .56  def Trisha Roach 14 . 98 and Bek 20.68  def Debbie Machin. 18. 36
Qtr Final  Bek def Lil Tonks,
               Trisha def Tiara Coombs
               Angela def Tracy Bennett.
               Debbie def Debbie Martin.
Mens Singles,
Winner      Peter Machin 27 55  def Mick Coombs  23. 18   6 – 0
Semi          Peter  27.17  def Crag Atze  27.01  5 . 4.    Mick 22.98  def  Colin Edwards  20 . 29.
Qtr Final  Peter  def  Jason Harcourt,
                Craig  def  Darren Kirkhope,
                Mick  def  Chris Jarvis,
                Colin  def  Kostas Koutrikas 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 5 World Cup.

Australian Medal Winners.

Youth Singles, Boys   Jamie Rundle   Gold.
Youth Singles, Girls   Tiarna Smith    Silver.
Youth Pairs  Tiarna and Jamie            Silver.
Ladies Singles Corinne Hammond     Bronze.

Well done to all the Australian Team you did Australia proud.       

Saturday, 5 October 2013

World Cup Day 4.

Day 4.
Mens Singles
James Bailey     def in last 64,
Eddy Sims         def in last 64,
Justin Miles       def in last 64,
Peter Machin     def in last 16, to Wales,

Ladies Singles
Natalie Carter     def in last  32,
Corinne Hammond  def in the semi final to Deta Hedman Eng 6 - 4.

Youth Mixed Pairs.
Our Young Guns Tiarna and Jamie def Ireland 4 - 0.  Scotland 5 -4. and now play Canada for Gold.

Points Table as it Stands now.
Australia Men    in 8th spot,
Australia Ladies in 5th spot,
Australia Youth in 1st spot,

All Finals are played tonight Australian Time.

Friday, 4 October 2013

World Cup Day 3

Day 3  Latest on the World Cup,
Juniors, Tiarna Smith and James Maddison Rundle are both in the Finals of the Youth Singles and going for Gold, We wish them the best of luck on Saturday.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Australias World Cup Team

Super League

World Cup St; Johns, Newfoundland Canada. October 1st- 5th 2013

Day1 Opening Ceremony.
Day 2 Mens Team, Australia,
Australia def  Iceland                   9 legs to 0
Australia  def  Northern Ireland   9 legs to 8
Australia  def   Switzerland          9 legs to 1

Peter Machin played the decider against N Ireland and pegged in 15 darts.
James Bailey's first shot in the team was a 180 he also had a 164 peg later in the game.
Junior Girl Tiarna Smith reached the Final and will play on stage later in the week, Good Luck to Tiarna in the final go for Gold.