Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Super Singles,
Ladies, Margie Tonkin def Jackie Clothier,  4 - 0. SADA.
Men's Red, Aaron Parmenter KDC. def Colin Bonney SADA 5 - 2.
Men's Gold, Jackson Sargood (15 years ) 29.53 ave def Kane Robb 25. 69 ave. KDC. 4 - 3

Super League Team Final.
The Team from SADA;; Margie Tonkin, Bek Heidke, Jackie Clothier, Sally Allen and Melita Ford def a Team from NDDA;; Cathy Howarth, Moira Hamilton, Wendy Leeming Stephanie Brooks and Edna Gerlach. 6 legs to 3.

Men's Red,
The Kadina (1) Team of Andy Pinder,David Willment,Aaron Parmenter, Bob Pinder and Dave Wileman def the SADA (1) Team of Colin Bonney, Mark Carter, Steve Vassiliou ( Cookie ) and Dave Jordon 6 legs to 2.

Men's Gold,
The Kadina (2 ) Team of Jackson Sargood, Kane Robb, Will Papworth and Peter Redman def the NDDA (3 ) Dave Howe,(snr) Mick Jackson, Jarrett Nunan and Mark Fidock  6 legs to 4.

Super League and Super Singles

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sunday, 15 September 2013

LDASA Men's and Ladies Singles

Ladies singles winner was Bek Heidke def Vanessa Bridge  5-3 Bek had a 20.55 ave
Vanessa had a 19.36.
3rd equal was Trisha Roach and Angela Cornell Griffin.
5th to 8th was, Tracey Avis, Debbie Martin, Margie Tonkin, Gayle Nielsen.

Men,s Singles Winner was Peter Machin def Craig Atze 6-4 Peter had a 27.50 ave.
Craig had a 25.26 ave.
Equal 3rd was Gary Kennedy and Shane Mckinnon.
5th to 8th was, David Willment, Bryan Kennedy, Jackson Sargood, Kody Dodds Watson.
Kody and Jackson are still in the juniors.
180s thrown in the singles are; Trisha Roach and Bek Heidke 1 each.
Peter Machin 8. Craig Atze 3. Gary Kennedy 3.
LDASA Mixed Pairs,

Winners      Craig Atze 26.72 ave. Trisha Roach.  18.70 ave.
Finalists      Alan Ritchie 27.01 ave. Gayle Nielsen. 15.35 ave.
Equal 3rd,Debbie Machin  and  Peter Machin. who were defeated by Craig and Trisha.
Becca Heidke and Jackson Sargood who were defeated by Alan and Gayle.

5th to 8th
Tracey Avis \ David Willment, Debbie Martin \ Mark Carter, Tymeeka Gurd \ Shane Mckinnon,
Margaret King \ Mick Jackson.
7 x180s were thrown.