Monday, 5 June 2017

Darts SA Open

Darts SA Men's and Ladies Doubles played on the 3rd of June.

Vanessa Bridge & Julie Thomas defeated Bek Heidke & Barb Smyth,

Aaron Delvendiep & Dylan Mitchell defeated Aaron Morrison & Laurie Loch.

Pegouts 100 & over
Julie Thomas,115,100, Margie Tonkin, 105, Dylan Mitchell, 130, Aaron Morrison, 120, 101, 100,
Phil Bottrell 120, Dean May 100,

Junior WDF ranked was also played on that day.
Girls Singles,
Abby Morrison defeated Fiona Gottwald.
Boys Singles,
Randell Skelton defeated Will Wilson,

Mens & Ladies Singles played on the 4th of June,

Winner Melina Van Den Kieboom 24.24 def  Bek Heidke 19.79, 3-0
Equal 3rd Vanessa Bridge 20.57 Jackie Clothier 17.04.
5th to 8th. Abby Morrison, Amanda Loch, Laura Fuller, Beryl Soar.
Winner, Laurie Loch 24.95 def Jed Nethercot 23.29,  5-3
Equal 3rd Aaron Morrison, 25.11.  Aaron Delvendiep,  23.54
5th to 8th Steve Gordon,21,43, Steve Vassilliou, 25.06, Phil Bottrell 26.44, Neil Millard 18,40.