Saturday, 30 November 2013

Darts SA Junior State Championships.

Junior State Championships held on 30th November 2013.
I must say all the Juniors had a good time and played some great darts they got new shirts to go away with, very colourful all are ready to go to Perth in January and i'm sure will do SA proud, we have 8 very happy Juniors can't wait to get on the boards in the West.

Mixed Fours.
Winners. Dale Avis, Caitlain Avis, Daniel Wooster,Will Wilson.
Finalists Kody Watson, Alkira Peatey, Liam Carter, Grace Avis.  Kody threw 2 x 180s.

Boys Pairs,
Winners. Jackson Sargood, Liam Carter,
Finalists Kody Watson, Anthony Parish.

Boys Singles,
Winner.Kody Watson 1 x180
Finalist. Jackson Sargood.

Girls Pairs.
Winners. Caitlain Avis, Fiona Gottwald.
Finalist. Grace Avis, Alkira Alberts Peatey.

Girls Singles.
Winner. Caitlain Avis.
Finalist Riona Clifford.

Kody Watson Threw 5 x 180 in the day.